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Luxtel Inc. offers a wide selection of high-performing Xenon lamp products that are manufactured in our state-of-the-art 40,000 square foot facility in Jacksonville, Florida. We provide premium products, rigorous quality testing, fast shipping and quick turnaround of customer orders.

The Right Ideas to Bright Ideas

LuxteL Ceramic Xenon lamps are highly efficient, pre-aligned parabolic and elliptical reflector lamps for use in numerous scientific, medical and industrial illumination applications. A LuxteL lamp features strong output reliability over its life, highly stable 6,100°K color temperature, a compact and rugged ceramic to metal seal manufactured body and new window protection design. Manufactured at our FDA certified plant, Luxtel lamps are built to high quality standards for consistent and reliable performance.

Unmatched Quality and Performance

All of our lamps are rugged, reliable and offer supreme color rendition.  Quality is not compromised in our material selection because costs have been designed out from our corporate structure from its inception. This narrow focus, and our dedicated team, enable us to remain true to our goal of best value and speed of service in the industry. In each year of business LuxteL has introduced new products and patents focused on quality illumination. Our products are designed to be durable and dependable within the environments in which they are used. We have grown by concentrating on quality in our core technologies.

Features with Benefits

Rugged Compact Design
Broad Continuous Spectral Output, High Color Rendering
Superior Lumen Maintenance
Extensive Quality Testing to Ensure Consistent Lamp to Lamp High Performance

Ideally Suited

Surgical Headlights
Lighted Retractors